Verse: Lego and Love

This is the story of how Kurt meets his daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mr. Blaine, for the first time. (Part 2)

Part 1


Just as he had been early to drop Lucy off that morning, Kurt is early to pick her up as well. The classroom door is already propped open and there’s a few anxious parents hovering around just across the threshold. When he steps indoors, he sees that all the children are gathered together in what Blaine had pointed out to be the reading area when they’d taken a tour this morning.

The two teachers are sitting on small stools at the head of the crowd, each with an identical book in their hands. Kurt has to crane his neck a little bit, but he can just make out the words “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” emblazoned on the front cover of each of the books. Kurt listens for a moment, smiling as the classroom rings with the laughter of children at the character voices of their teachers.

"Did you enjoy that?" Amanda asks the kids when they’re done reading. There’s an enthusiastic chorus of ‘yes’ from the children, a few kids even ask them to read it again. "Sorry boys and girls, I think we’re out of time for today, but we’ve got another story for you tomorrow. Your parents are here to pick you up already!" Amanda points towards the door, where there is now a crowd of parents. The kids’ heads whip around to look to where their teacher is pointing, all grinning and waving to their respective parents. Kurt can see his darling Lucy sitting just at Blaine’s feet and he waves back to her.

"Now do you all remember what you’re supposed to give to your parents when you get home?" Blaine asks as the kids turn back to their two teachers. Amanda holds up a sheet of paper to remind them and the room is filled with another chorus of ‘yes’ from the kids. "Well then it’s time to say goodbye for the day, but don’t be too sad, we’ll all see each other again tomorrow!" Blaine claps his hands together and the kids get up, running to their parents.

It’s only a few seconds before Lucy runs up to Kurt and grabs him by the hand, dragging him across the classroom. “Luce, where are you taking me?” Kurt laughs, trying to step around children running back and forth.

"I have to show you what Mr. Blaine and me made this morning." Lucy squeals, making straight for the counter at the far side of the room with Kurt in tow.

"And I, Luce. Mr. Blaine and I." Kurt corrects gently. He knows she’s far too young to really be concerned with proper grammar, but he doesn’t want her to fall into bad habits.

Lucy sticks her tongue out at him. “Well then I have to show you what Mr. Blaine and I made this morning. Mr. Blaine said we could keep it up here so that I could show you, but then he has to take it apart so other kids can have the opportuneety to play with the Lego tomorrow.” Lucy beams and Kurt smiles at her slight mispronunciation of the word ‘opportunity’.

"That’s a good word, munchkin. Did you learn that today?" Kurt asks when they stop at the counter. He keeps his eyes trained on Lucy, not wanting to look at the Lego castle (which he may have seen earlier while waiting for his daughter, but he’s not about to tell her that) until she tells him.

"Yep! Mr. Blaine says it means pretty much the same thing as ‘chance’ but it sounds smarter." Lucy swells with pride as she explains the new word. Kurt can’t help the smile that’s tugging at the corners of his mouth as he watches his little girl. "But look Daddy! Look what Mr. Blaine and I made today!"

On the counter sits a surprisingly detailed Lego castle, complete with towers and a courtyard. “Is that you, Luce?” Kurt points to one of the Lego people sitting in the courtyard.

"Yep! I’m a princess, you always tell me that." Lucy explains enthusiastically. "And Mr. Blaine said if I was the princess of the castle then you were the king of the castle, so that’s you!" She points to the other Lego person in the castle courtyard.

"Well thank you, munchkin. I’d make an excellent king." Lucy giggles at Kurt’s response. "Why don’t we take a photo of the castle so you can remember it?" Kurt suggests, gripping the base of the castle very gently and transporting it to a lower desk so Lucy can stand beside it.

Kurt snaps a few photos with his phone, laughing at the different faces Lucy pulls in each of them. “Alright, Luce, I think that’s enough. We should go home.”

"Wait. I made the castle with Mr. Blaine, so he has to be in a photo too!" Lucy runs off, despite Kurt’s protests that she shouldn’t disturb her teacher, to where Blaine is tidying up the crafts station. "Mr. Blaine, you have to come with me and take a photo with the castle."

"I’d be delighted to, Miss Lucy. Lead the way." Blaine sets the handful of crayons he had been holding back on the table and holds out a hand to Lucy, who takes it and drags him all the way across the room.

"Sorry." Kurt mouths to Blaine while Lucy is looking the other way. Blaine just laughs and shakes his head. The look in his eyes tells Kurt that he doesn’t mind in the slightest. "Alright, smile both of you!" Kurt takes the photo quickly, not trusting Lucy to stay still for too long.

"Is it a good photo?" Lucy tugs at the phone, turning the screen so she can see as well. Kurt can feel a smile spreading involuntarily across his face when he sees the photo. Blaine is crouched down to be the same height as Lucy. They’re on either side of the castle, arms outstretched to showoff their masterpiece and grins plastered on their face. Kurt can’t help but feel a bubble of joy swelling inside when he looks at the photo.

"It’s a wonderful photo, darling. Now why don’t you go grab your coat and your bag, I’ve got a treat for you on the way home." Lucy squeals and runs off to grab her things from the coatroom, leaving Kurt and Blaine alone by the castle.

They stay silent for a moment, both looking at the castle until Kurt breaks the silence. “Thank you.”

"For what? You don’t have to thank me for doing my job, Mr. Hummel." Kurt notes the way Blaine’s honey coloured skin is tinged with a slight blush at his words.

Kurt makes a face. “Please don’t call me that. I’m Kurt, just Kurt.”

"Well Kurt, is it alright if I start taking this apart now? Or did you want some more photos?" Blaine gestures to the Lego structure where it is perched somewhat haphazardly on the desk.

"Oh," Kurt startles slightly, "Of course, so the other kids can have the opportunity to play with it tomorrow."

"Did Lucy tell you that?" Blaine grins as his pulls out the crate for the Lego.

Kurt nods, “She seemed very excited to show off the new word you taught her.”

Blaine laughs quietly, “You’ve got a very smart and spirited young girl on your hands.”

"I’m ready to go, Daddy!" Lucy sings as she skips up to them.

"Wait a minute, munchkin. We’re going to help Mr. Blaine put away the castle."

"You don’t have to stay, cleaning up is part of my job. It’s fine, really." Blaine mumbles quietly to Kurt, out of Lucy’s earshot.

"It’s okay." Kurt smiles, "Lucy knows that she needs to clean up the toys she plays with. Besides, I think she might actually enjoy destroying Lego buildings more than she enjoying constructing them." They both turn back to the small girl, who is ripping into the castle with a determined yet gleeful look on her face.

"What’s my treat, dad?" Lucy demands to know as soon as the castle has been disassembled and put away, bouncing eagerly on the balls of her feet.

"You’ll find out soon, Luce." Kurt holds back a laugh as he watches the energetic child. "Are you ready to go? Do you have everything?" Lucy nods, skipping towards the door. Kurt shakes his head in amusement, following in the wake of his daughter.

"Goodbye, Miss Lucy, and thank you for your help." Blaine calls across the classroom, waving.

"Goodbye Mr. Blaine, goodbye Ms. Amanda" She waves to both teachers and then skips out the door.

Kurt follows her quickly, not completely trusting her to not run off without him. He pauses momentarily at the door, looking back towards Blaine. Kurt can feel his cheeks heating up slightly when they lock eyes, but he’s not entirely sure why. Blaine raises a hand in a sort of half wave and Kurt bites back a smile, waving back before running after Lucy.


"Where are we, daddy?" Lucy is practically bouncing in her car seat.

"Calm down a little, munchkin." Kurt laughs, "It’s just a small treat." Lucy squeals as they pull into the parking lot. He knows that she recognizes the colours of the sign, even if she can’t read the cursive script. "Just one thing, okay? I don’t want you to ruin your appetite before dinner" Kurt instructs as he unstraps her from her car seat and lifts her out of the car.

"Thank you!" Luck shrieks, Kurt manages to grab her hand before she runs off without him once again.

"Lucy, that’s the second time you’ve almost run off today. You know you’re not supposed to do that." Kurt tries to keep the sternness out of his voice. He doesn’t like disciplining her, he prefers a kinder, gentler approach to parenthood, but he knows he can’t let her get away with everything.

"I’m sorry." Lucy says in a small voice, looking at the ground, squeezing Kurt’s hand a little tighter. "I won’t do it again, I promise."

"I just want you to be safe, Luce." He squeezes her hand back and smiles when she looks up at him. "Come on, let’s go buy some dessert."

When they’re in the store, Lucy immediately drops her dad’s hand and skips up to the display case, pressing her nose and hands on the glass while she looks at all the cookies and cakes. Kurt sees the employees wince at the marks on the glass and makes a mental note to leave them a generous tip. “Do you see something you want, Lucy?”

"That one!" She exclaims, pointing to a vanilla cupcake with blue and white frosting and a rainbow sugar butterfly perched delicately on top.

"Two of those cupcakes please, and a small coffee and a bottle of water please. For here." Kurt answers the cashier’s unasked question. He’s been here enough times to know the procedure. Lucy goes to claim the table by the window that they usually sit at when they come here while Kurt pays.

"Thank you, Daddy." Lucy whispers as he sets the plate with the cupcake in front of her a few moments later.

"You’re welcome, sweetheart. You deserve a special treat after your first day of school." Kurt leans down and presses a kiss to the top of her head before taking the seat next to her and taking the paper off his own cupcake. "Now, I do believe you promised to tell me all about your day, munchkin."

Lucy launches into a tale of the day, interrupted occasionally with Kurt reminding her not to talk with her mouth full. She tells him about building the Lego castle and the nice and funny Mr. Blaine. Then she moves on to stories about circle time and how they’d all talked about their favourite colours (“Blue!” Lucy had shrieked when they’d gotten to that part of the story, as if Kurt hadn’t already known her favourite colour”). She told Kurt all about her new best friend, Amy, and how they were obviously going to best friends forever (“Will you help me make her a friendship bracelet tonight, Daddy? With the beads you got me last week?”). Lucy almost spills water all over herself while telling Kurt about how Ms. Amanda had played tag with them outside and how much fun they’d had on the playground.

"And at the end of the day we read a book and Ms. Amanda and Mr. Blaine did voices like you do when you read to me at bedtime!"

"Lucy, didn’t your teachers tell you to give me something?" Kurt suddenly remembers Blaine telling the class not to forget.

"Oh yeah! It’s in my backpack in the car. It’s a - " Lucy scrunches her face up in a frown.

"A what, darling?" Kurt asks patiently.

"A curillium?" Lucy says hesitantly, there’s a look on her face that tells Kurt that she knows she hasn’t gotten the word quite right.

"A curriculum?"  Kurt’s pretty sure that’s what she’s trying to get at, but he wants to make sure. Lucy nods, recognizing the word. "That’s a difficult word, munchkin. You did really well. Can you say it after me? Curriculum."

"Curriculum." Lucy pronounces slowly, as though the word doesn’t feel quite right in her mouth.

"Wonderful. Will you remember to give it to me when we get home please?" Kurt requests, while cleaning off Lucy’s sticky fingers with a wet napkin.

"Ms. Amanda explained what it was to us, but I don’t remember. What is it, Daddy?" Lucy scrunches up her face in confusion again. Kurt has no idea where she got that habit from, but he secretly thinks it’s adorable.

"It’s a sheet of paper that explains everything you’ll be learning this year." Kurt explains. "Are you ready to go, sweetheart?" He asks when he’s sure that he’s gotten all the icing off of her hands and face. Kurt’s not entirely sure what to do about the bit she’d gotten in her hair (he’s has no idea how she managed that either) but he’ll just have to make sure he washes her hair very thoroughly tonight.

When Kurt pulls out his wallet to leave a tip on the table, he catches a glimpse of the photo of his Dad, Carole, Finn, and Rachel, and himself that he’s always kept in there next to the baby photo of Lucy. There’s a lump in his throat when he sees it, there always is when he thinks too much about it. But then Lucy is there, taking his hand and leading him out of the bakery.

"Luce?" Kurt stops walking, taking a moment to really look at the little girl in front of him, once again astounded by how much of Rachel he sees in her.

"Yes, Daddy?" Lucy stops and looks up at him, her hair sticking to her face where it’s still a little bit sticky.

"I’m really proud of you, sweetheart." He wraps his arms around her and holds her tight for a moment, not wanting to ever let go. Lucy pulls back and presses a sticky kiss to his cheek. "Are you excited to go back to class tomorrow, Luce?"

Lucy’s head bobs enthusiastically as she jumps up and down with the energy that only a five year old can muster. “I can’t wait!”

Author’s Note: I just want to thank you all for being so sweet about the last part! I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been for the last two days seeing the wonderful messages from all of you. 

These two parts have been shorter than stories in this verse will usually be. Instead of being in two parts, stories will usually be uploaded in one longer post. I just wasn’t sure how people would react to this verse so the first part was me testing the waters a little bit! They’ll probably be a bit of a longer wait between stories too as they will be longer.

I think that’s all, thank you again for all your support and, as always, feedback is welcome and MUCH appreciated. 

And, as a sneak peak, the next story is going to be about the first time Kurt and Blaine meet outside of the classroom.

Ah yes, and thank you to my most wonderful beta, ladyliquorice, who didn’t actually get a chance to read the majority of this part because she’s working, so any faults you find are my own and I apologize!

Have a wonderful day , my lovelies <3

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