Verse: Lego and Love

This is the story of how Kurt meets his daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mr. Blaine, for the first time.



 A high-pitched shriek sounds from the vicinity of the kitchen and Kurt’s heart drops into his stomach. His mind immediately races to all the worst scenarios. He’s mentally running through the route to the emergency room as he scrambles to his feet, trying to get to the kitchen as quickly as possible.

He’s stopped in his tracks by a very angry five year old.

"Lucy, what have I told you about screaming?" Kurt drops down to his knees so he can look into her eyes, pulling her close as if to convince himself that she’s actually safe.

"You were packing my bag." Lucy mumbles into his shoulder, flailing her arms as she struggles to work her way out of his embrace. "You promised me that I could pack my bag this morning.”

"We have to leave in five minutes, Lucy." He sighs, knowing that Lucy isn’t anywhere near ready yet.

"You promised.” Lucy looks up at him with big brown eyes and Kurt knows that he can’t refuse her anything. He’d give her the world if she looked at him like that.

He’s going to be in trouble when she gets older.


Kurt rolls his eyes and pushes himself to his feet, steering the little girl to where he had left the bright blue backpack on the table. Lucy squeals in delight when she sees it again. They’d picked the bag out yesterday; she’d fallen in love with the white flowers that dotted the blue fabric.

Lucy places the few items left on the table - a lunch box and a spare change of clothes bundled together in a bag - in to the new backpack gently. She traces one of the small white flowers with his small fingers for a second before trying to zip up the bag. The zipper gets caught on the fabric when she tugs it up. Kurt makes a move to step forward and help the young girl, but he stops himself just in time, knowing that she would want to do this by herself. Lucy makes a noise of triumph when the zipper closes all the way and immediately goes to slip her small arms through the straps.

"You need to put your jacket on first, Lucy." Kurt holds the green coat so she can easily slips her arms into it. He does the buttons up for her, knowing that they’re already running late. "Did you brush your teeth?" He asks just as he reaches the last button. Lucy nods enthusiastically, grinning widely so that Kurt can see her clean teeth.

"Come on, munchkin, time to go."


Lucy, who had jabbered on and on last night about how excited she was for today, who had climbed into Kurt’s bed late last night because she was too excited to sleep, is oddly quiet for the entire car journey. When they pull into the school parking lot, she doesn’t struggle with her seatbelt like she usually does until Kurt comes to rescue her, she just stares quietly out of the window. Kurt quickly unbuckles his belt and moves around to the back of the car to help her out of her car seat.

As he’s undoing the buckles, a small voice breaks the silence, “What if nobody likes me, daddy?” Kurt’s heart breaks a little as he looks at the fear in her eyes.

"Why would you even think that, sweetheart? Everybody is going to love you and you’re going to have a wonderful time." Lucy still looks unconvinced as he lifts her out of the car and sets her gently on her feet on the ground.  "Do you remember those playgroups that Grandma used to take you to last year? It’ll be just like that except you get to come here everyday. You’re going to have so much fun."

Kurt grabs her backpack out of the car and helps her slip it over her shoulders. He takes her hand as they walk towards the school building. There’s a distinct lack of cars in the parking lot and the school ground seems eerily quiet, Kurt knows that they’re early but he has to get to work on time. He keeps on the lookout for classroom number six while still murmuring words of encouragement to the scared child clutching tightly onto his hand. There’s a classroom door propped open towards the end of the building and Kurt’s relieved to see a large number six, made out of paper and decorated with glitter and stickers, stuck to the window.

"Hey there," A warm voice calls out as they walk through the door. A man gets up from a desk where he had been sitting with another woman and approaches them. "What’s your name?" He says with a smile as he crouches down to talk to Lucy. Lucy stays quiet, clutching Kurt’s hand even tighter and moving so close to him that she’s practically hugging his leg.

"You were asked a question, sweetheart." Kurt gently encourages her to answer.

"Lucy." She answers quietly.

"It’s nice to meet you, Miss Lucy. My name’s Mr. Blaine and this is Ms. Amanda." Blaine indicates to the lady who had moved to stand just to his side, who is also smiling kindly at Lucy. "We’re going to be your teachers this year."

"Why don’t you come with me for a few minutes, Lucy? I’ll show you where to put your bag and coat while we let Mr. Blaine talk to your dad." Amanda says softly, holding a hand out to Lucy. Lucy looks up at Kurt, unsure what to do. He gently slips his hand out of Lucy’s and pushes her softly towards her teacher. Lucy looks back at Kurt with big, terrified eyes, but she follows her teacher to the coatroom, nonetheless.

"She’ll settle in. Most kids are like this on their first day." Blaine says to Kurt as he straights up. "Blaine Anderson." He says as he sticks his hand out for Kurt to shake.

"Kurt Hummel." Blaine hand is warm in his. Kurt can feel callouses on his fingertips and wonders briefly if Blaine plays guitar, but then he pulls away and it feels improper to ask.

"We’re going to keep it pretty simple for the kids today, there’s no need to overwhelm them on their first day. It’ll mostly some games and crafts that will help the kids to settle in and get to know each other a bit. The rest of the week will be pretty similar to that, next week we’ll start in on the teaching syllabus". Blaine gestures that Kurt should follow him and he gives him a quick tour of the classroom, indicating the areas reserved for specific activities.

Kurt notices the way that Blaine’s eyes light up when he talks about children and he’s appreciative of that. He hadn’t told anybody, but one of his biggest fears about sending Lucy to kindergarten was having a teacher who was uninterested in the kids. He doesn’t remember much of his time in kindergarten, but the bits and pieces he does remember all revolve around a teacher that just let the kids run wild. That was the last thing Kurt wanted for Lucy.

"That’s pretty much everything you need to know right now. Class is over at 2:30, of course we’ll stay until all the kids have been picked up but we do prefer it if you or whomever will be picking up Lucy could be on time, it does make our lives slightly less hectic." Blaine smiles, "Will it be you picking up Lucy?"

"Oh, right. It will always be me picking her up and dropping her off unless I send a note with her or tell you. If it’s not me then it’ll be her grandparents, but that won’t be very often and I’ll always make sure you know". Kurt’s very aware of the stories about kids wandering off with strangers. When he’d first started taking care of Lucy, he’d had nightmares about that.

"Thank you. It’s somewhat disconcerting how many parents just send babysitters to pick up their kids without telling us. We want to make sure that everyone gets home safely." There’s a question in Blaine’s eyes as he speaks. Kurt knows he wants to ask about the rest of Lucy’s family, but common courtesy stands in the way and for that Kurt is thankful. The last thing he needs today is a run-through of that story.

There’s a moment of awkward silence between them, both of them unsure what to say next, but they’re saved by Lucy running up and tugging on Kurt’s hand.

"I’m going to go play now, dad!" She exclaims, giving Kurt one last hug before running off to the group of kids playing with Lego.

"She’s growing up really quickly." Kurt mutters, to himself more than anything, but Blaine overhears him.

"They tend to do that." Blaine comments as they stand together and watch the kids play for a moment.

"Do you have any kids?" Kurt had noted the lack of ring on Blaine’s finger when they shook hands, but he knows that doesn’t mean anything. There’s no ring on his finger after all.

There’s a beat of silence, then Blaine clears his throat. “Um, no. My life didn’t go down that road, unfortunately.”

"I’m sorry." Kurt stammers, aware that he’s hit a sensitive topic. "I shouldn’t have asked."

"It’s okay. It’s a perfectly valid question." Blaine’s smiles but Kurt can see that it doesn’t quite reach his eyes, "I love children so this is the perfect job for me. I couldn’t ask for more than that."  

Kurt nods and as he opens his mouth to respond, there’s a small hand tugging on his once again. “What’s wrong, Luce?”

"I want a proper hug." Lucy admits in a small voice, she seems a lot more at ease than she had earlier, but Kurt can still see a bit of hesitation written across her face.

Kurt drops down to his knees and opens up his arms for Lucy. She throws her small arms around his neck and presses her face into his shoulder.

"You’re going to have a great day, Luce. I’ll be back to pick you up at 2:30 and I’ll want to hear about everything you did today." Kurt squeezes her tight for one more moment before letting her go.

"Miss Lucy, I was thinking about building a Lego castle, but I certainly can’t do all that work by myself. Would you be my co architect?" Blaine leans down slightly to talk to the small girl.

"What does architect mean?" Lucy’s nose scrunches up in confusion over the unfamiliar word.

"It’s a word to describe someone who plans and oversees the construction of buildings." Blaine explains patiently.

"Look at that Lucy, you’re already learning. I want to hear about everything you learn today when I pick you up." Kurt kisses her forehead quickly and runs a hand over the top of her hair, smoothing down the stray flyaway hairs.

"So what do you say, Miss Lucy? Will you help me build a castle?" Lucy takes a moment to consider the proposal before nodding and skipping off towards the Lego to get started on their fairytale castle. "Well it looks like I’ve got a castle to build." Blaine laughs as he turns to follow Lucy.

It occurs to Kurt that he’s never met a teacher that appears to be as passionate about his job as Blaine. Kurt knows he’s getting a little ahead of himself, seeing as Lucy hasn’t even completed a full day here yet, but in his mind he’s thanking every possible and improbable higher power for giving Lucy a caring teacher.

"Bye Lucy!" Kurt calls out to his little girl, who waves from where she is sitting on the mat with what looks to be an entire crate of Lego tipped out in front of her. Blaine offers him a wave too as he sits down beside Lucy and they start constructing their masterpiece.

It doesn’t really hit Kurt until he’s sitting in his car, all buckled in with the engine on and ready to reverse out of the parking space.

He’d just dropped his little girl off for her first full day of school.

Kurt sits there for a moment, hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. He’s not sure how he feels.

On one hand, he’s proud of Lucy and he’s excited to see the beautiful girl she’s growing up to be.

On the other hand, he remembers the first time her hand grasped onto one of his fingers, when she’d been a few weeks old and he’d seen her for the first time. He remembers the first time he tucked her into her bed in their new house.

There’s a tug at his heart when he thinks about how fast she’s growing up, but it’s not bad. He knows he can’t keep her this age forever and he wouldn’t want to, he wants all the experiences that will come with her growing up. But that doesn’t mean he won’t miss this beautiful five-year-old version of Lucy.

As he drives out of the school parking lot, he glances briefly at the classroom in the rear view mirror, smiling when he sees the big paper six standing proudly in the window.


Author’s Note: There’s a high probability of me continuing this verse, but I would really appreciate feedback. People seem to like the idea of kindergarten teacher Blaine and it’s so much fun to write. So yeah, thank you for stopping by and reading this, if you’d like more please let me know. Thank you my lovelies <3

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